Day 1: The Boy Awakens

So I’ve started to make a little web series called “The Box and I” of which there are two released videos so far. They will be released every weekday for the most part. On most social sites I’m pretending the be “the box” when I upload which is fun but its hard to do that when this site is so much about who I am already. So instead I’ll give you bits of background gradual. K?

Anyways, a guy wakes up in a box. Enjoy.

I’m left torn after going through this site. I love the quiz. The interface is a great use of dragging, the design is fascinating, and the content is rich. However, the overall design leaves me empty. Paragraph text is almost unreadable partly due, at times, to lack of contrast with the background and almost all the way through due to being way too small. There’s also the matter of the interface breaking in Chrome; perhaps, if it can’t be fixed, there can be a fallback? There just seems too be too many things that could have been fine tuned.

Now as a rule I typically stay as far away from audio in websites but I think this site is the perfect exception from the rule. I view it as a video that you can explore on your own afterwards. I’m getting tired of the paralax family of web animations though and the styling of websites that it produces. This would have been amazing if it had steered away from that. But I guess one can only experiment with so much at a time and I believed they pulled off the audio experiment in an amazing way.

A sneak preview of my new installation piece.

(hint: distance sensor)


  1. Museums of New Media art should be easily viewed and accessible anywhere. People should be able to search through past and present artworks and by exhibitions. There should be an archive of old artworks so that people are able to view them anytime.
  2. They should provide an interactive…

Did another little tweak of the possible design for (that’s right I got it! thanks to!). What do you think? The other design is also on this blog for comparison.

Hey all! So Suits and Sandals recently acquired for me so I’m redoing my site! Woot! I just whipped this up as an idea as to the design on it.


I’m a back-end coder, not really a designer, so I can use all the feedback there is.

Also, if you haven’t already, check out

I’ve recently been brought on as their Web Development Manager and its been great working with them so far.